Wolverhampton, June 11: In a disturbing incident in the UK, two 12-year-old boys stand accused of brutally murdering a 19-year-old boy at a park in Wolverhampton. The attack unfolded when the victim was spending time with his friends at the park when the two accused approached him and attacked him with a machete, resulting in his death. As per the reports, the victim had met the accused for the first in the park on the fateful day, and the attack was unprovoked.

According to a report by the Mirror, the defendants, whose identities remain protected due to legal reasons, were reportedly seen roaming the streets with a large machete before crossing paths with Seesahai and his friends in the park. As per the report, the two young suspects approached him armed with a machete. In a seemingly unprovoked assault, one of the boys allegedly slashed at Seesahai's legs and stabbed him through the heart, while the other reportedly punched and stamped on his head. UK Horror: Nurse Lucy Letby Found Guilty of Killing Seven Newborn Babies.

Despite the efforts of emergency responders, Seesahai succumbed to his injuries at the scene. As per reports, the two minor accused initially refused to have possessed the machete, but CCTV footage revealed the truth. Based on the evidence and reports from the eyewitnesses, the two accused were arrested with the weapon found under one of their residences. Subsequently, the two were produced before the court, where they attempted to shift blame on each other. UK Horror: Woman Suffering From Severe Headaches and Insomnia Dies of Accidental Morphine Overdose in Liverpool.

During the trial, one of the accused admitted possession of the murder weapon while denying direct involvement in the stabbing. The court heard how the defendants callously went about their routine after the assault, playing video games and showing no remorse for their actions. The sentencing of the two boys is expected to take place in July, with the court grappling with the challenge of balancing justice with the young age of the offenders.

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