New York, January 12: The top US aviation safety official is advising parents to make sure their infants are securely strapped up following a terrifying aircraft incident. Jennifer Homendyat, chair of the National Transportation Safety Board, advises parents to purchase seats and FAA-approved carriers for their newborns when they travel. This comes after worries about what may happen to an unrestrained newborn were rekindled by the recent airborne rupture on an Alaska Airlines aircraft.

Homendyat stressed that it is preferable for kids to have their own safe seat rather than riding on their parents' laps because even little bumps during the trip might cause damage. Infant seats may be more expensive on planes, but the expense is well worth it for parents' peace of mind and, most importantly, for their children's safety. Alaska Airlines-Like Incident: United Airlines Plane Makes an Emergency Landing in Florida After a Warning About Possible Door Issue.

A door plug on an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 carrying 171 passengers and six crew members tore off at 16,000 feet last week, just preventing a tragedy. The cabin opened out to the night sky due to the sudden decompression that followed, but fortunately, everyone within lived. Alaska Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Portland Airport After Aircraft Window Blows Out Mid-Air (Watch Video).

After going airborne, two phones, a seat headrest, and a teenager's clothes were found strewn all over Portland streets and backyards. Experts surmise that because the passengers were buckled up and the jet had only just taken off, the disaster was avoided. At a news conference on Sunday, Jennifer Homendy, the chair of the National Transportation Safety Board, stated to reporters, "On the plane were three babies held in the laps of carers."

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