New Hampshire, February 11: Adam Montgomery, a New Hampshire man, stands accused of the brutal murder of his five-year-old daughter, Harmony Montgomery, whose body has never been recovered. Prosecutors allege that Montgomery brutally beat his five-year-old daughter, Harmony Montgomery, to death before dismembering her body and transporting the remains to various locations, including the restaurant where he worked as a cook and dishwasher.

According to multiple reports, Montgomery stuffed Harmony's dismembered body into a tote bag and brought it with him to work, storing it in a freezer alongside food items. Shockingly, colleagues were unaware of the gruesome contents of the bag as Montgomery went about his shifts. The prosecution revealed that Montgomery also concealed Harmony's body in other locations, including a friend's car trunk, his mother-in-law's apartment building cooler, a ceiling vent at the homeless shelter where he resided, and an apartment freezer. US Horror: Nurse Allegedly Replaces Fentanyl IV Bags With Tap Water in Oregon, 10 Dead.

As per reports, despite extensive efforts by law enforcement, Harmony's body has never been recovered. Harmony's fate was sealed on December 7, 2019, when prosecutors believe she met her demise. Reports indicate that she had soiled herself in her sleep, prompting a violent reaction from her father. Montgomery allegedly struck Harmony over the head a few times, causing fatal injuries. He then continued to indulge in his meal while abusing drugs. Montgomery later callously remarked to his estranged wife, Kayla Montgomery, "I think I really hurt her this time." US Animal Cruelty Horror: Man Tortures, Brutally Murders Six Cats in Chicago; Some Kittens Killed in Microwave.

Kayla Montgomery, in her testimony, described the harrowing moments leading to Harmony's death. She recounted how Adam repeatedly hit Harmony after she had bathroom accidents in the family car, revealing the dire circumstances the family faced living in their vehicle after being evicted from their home. Prosecutors allege that Montgomery continued to transport Harmony's body for weeks, ultimately disposing of it outside of Boston after slicing up the remains. Despite his attempts to evade justice, Montgomery is facing multiple charges, including second-degree murder, abusing a corpse, and falsifying evidence.

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