New York, February 6: Charles Olsen, a 28-year-old McDonald’s customer from Rockland County, has filed a lawsuit against a New York City McDonald’s, claiming he almost died after consuming a Big Mac that contained cheese. Olsen, who has a severe milk allergy, suffered an anaphylactic reaction after eating the burger in February 2021.

According to the lawsuit filed in the state Supreme Court last week, Olsen ordered the food via DoorDash, explicitly requesting “NO American cheese” be used. A screenshot of the order attached to the lawsuit corroborates this claim. US Shocker: In Exchange For Cigarette, New York Man Admits to Killing Sex Offender During Dispute Over Drugs, Hiding Severed Head In Fridge For Two Years.

NBC News reported that the burger, which arrived from the McDonald’s located at 335 Eighth Avenue, caused Olsen to feel unwell after a few bites. His throat began to itch and swell, and he experienced a burning sensation throughout his body. Olsen was covered in hives and struggled to breathe, leading to his hospital admission for anaphylaxis. He almost needed intubation to survive, and it took hours for doctors to stabilise him. US Shocker: Pennsylvania Man 'Beheads Father', Shows Severed Head On YouTube; Arrested.

In a statement through his lawyers, Olsen expressed his frustration with establishments not adequately catering to allergies. He emphasized the importance of clear listing of allergens, inclusion of options when making an order to indicate allergies, and proper staff training to handle such situations.

The owner of the McDonald’s franchise responded to the lawsuit, stating, “Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers. We take every complaint seriously and are actively reviewing these claims.”

In another news, a 45-year-old man in the United States admitted this week to killing a sex offender during a dispute over drugs and storing his severed head in his apartment freezer for nearly two years. The man, identified as Nicholas McGee, is currently in custody in Virginia on an unrelated identity fraud case.

McGee confessed to the crime, which took place in March 2022. He revealed that before killing the sex offender, identified as Kawsheen Gelzer, he told him that he deserved to die. McGee opened up about the gruesome crime in exchange for a cigarette.

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