US President Donald Trump Statues Reading 'Pee on Me' Installed at Brooklyn Streets
President Donald Trump's statues with the message 'pee on me' | (Photo Credits: Instagram@Gable)

US President Donald Trump might have vocal supporters, but he surely has very active detractors and critics. An advertising professional Phil Gable, has placed small statues of a younger President Donald Trump, probably from the late 1980's, with a sign reading ‘pee on me’. The small statues can be seen all across Brooklyn. Donald Trump Says It’s A Scary Time For Men, Singer Busts His Claims With A Sarcastic Song on Twitter! Watch Viral Video.

Terming the statue as a result of his "disdain" for the President of America, Gable said that it was a personal expression of his disgust at Donald Trump, both as a President and a human being.

The statues at the streets are placed on patches of grass. Stating his reason for placing a younger version of Donald Trump as the statues rather than the current one, Gable said that he did it because that's the way the president sees himself.

Not just that, according to Gable, the statues are sprayed with a dog potty-training aid, which is to make the dogs 'empty themselves' or answer nature's call on the statues. His hope is that the dogs would urinate on the statues and not the flowerbeds in Brooklyn.