Colorado, November 28: In the United States, a 2-year-old child is struggling for his life following his alleged beating by a drunk babysitter in Colorado. The child named Giovanni Reichert has reportedly undergone many surgeries in past few months since his mother left him with McKinley Slone Hernandez, a 'trusted friend', on September 1 this year, according to the New York Post. In addition to many life-saving surgeries and the removal of a portion of his skull, what happened to the toddler remains unknown since the babysitter "won't admit to anything," according to his mother, Stephanie Reichert.

Stephanie stated, "All she's said is that she drinks, and he got hurt in her care," according to the site. I wish I knew, because I imagine scenarios in my head all the time for the injuries he sustained, she added. US Woman Arrested For Manslaughter After Her ‘Sexually Abused’ 17-Year-Old Daughter Dies in Kentucky.

A few hours after putting her kid in Hernandez's care, the mother claimed to have received a text message from her "saying I needed to rush to St. Anthony's Hospital because my son had gone lifeless after a bath". "I had to leave the room as soon as I saw him and the 50 doctors surrounding him because it was the worst thing I had ever seen in my life," Stephanie stated. 'No Parent Can Watch It': Netizens Express Anger After Viral Video Shows Toddlers Being Left Unattended at Preschool in Bengaluru, Kid Beating Another Child.

Metro reports that the toddler had an emergency brain bleed surgery after being flown to the hospital. After being placed in an induced coma and given an incubator, he has had many surgeries in the following months. "Prior to this, (Giovanni) was a happy, healthy, energetic two-year-old. As you can imagine, his parents Anthony and Stefanie are completely distraught," a GoFundMe page for the baby read.


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