Pennsylvania, January 14: In Pennsylvania state of United States, a woman has been charged with force-feeding her boyfriend's baby with nail polish remover, batteries, and screws, resulting in the youngster's death. Aleisia Owens was detained on Thursday, January 11,  in connection with the alleged June murder of Iris Rita Alfera last year, the New York Post said. Following the announcement by Pennsylvania Attorney General Michelle Henry that an autopsy had revealed the child's death was caused by lethal quantities of acetone in her blood, Aleisia was placed under arrest. According to the investigation, before the death, the 20-year-old woman researched the potential harm the things may do to a kid.

This case's specifics are terrible. It is difficult to imagine someone purposefully hurting an entirely defenceless youngster and then lying to authorities about what transpired. According to the inquiry, the defendant studied the effects of drugs on youngsters in great detail for several months. She is said to have followed up on her conclusions, Attorney General Henry said. US Shocker: Woman Kills Infant Son, Starts Fundraiser to Make Jewellery From His Ashes in Texas; Charged With Murder.

The 20-year-old was with Iris' father, Bailey Jacoby, on June 25, 2023, when he left the house to go a nearby store. After some time, Owens called Jacoby to let him know that his daughter wasn't feeling well. The kid was unresponsive when Bailey Jacob arrived at the New Castle residence, according to a criminal complaint that WPXI was able to obtain. He dialled 911 right away.

The 18-month-old child was sent to UPMC Jameson Hospital in New Castle for medical attention shortly after this. She was evacuated to Pittsburgh's UPMC Children's Hospital, nevertheless, almost an hour away. Gujarat Shocker: Parents of Five Kill Baby Blaming Her For Car Accident, Arrested.

Sadly, though, Iris passed away from organ failure four days later. Iris's father, Jacoby, was limited to visitation privileges; she resided with her mother, Emily Alfera, and grandparents. According to the police complaint, Aleisia said to them that the girl had struck her head after she had "cramped up" and fallen out of bed.  However, the autopsy report revealed that months before her death, the 18-month-old infant had consumed a large number of "water beads," in addition to button-shaped batteries and a metal screw.

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