Washington, November 10: In a shocking incident in the United States, two women teachers were reportedly arrested for sexually assaulting and having sex with their students in Missouri. The teachers teaching in the same school district were also made to appear before the same judge on the same day. The teachers, identified as Lindsey Limbaugh and Kristin Kirker, were arrested for sexual conduct with their students in Missouri's Kelly School District.

According to a report in Fox News, the alleged incidents occurred the same week. Teacher Lindsey Limbaugh (38), a resident of Benton, is reportedly facing two felony counts of sexual conduct with a student. While she was arrested on Tuesday, November 7, the teacher pleaded not guilty before the Scott County Court. After her arrest, the school said the accused teacher was placed on administrative leave. UK Shocker: Cop Pleads Guilty to 146 Child Sex Crimes in South Wales With Youngest Victim Being 10-Year-Old, Chilling Details Emerge in Court.

The incident came to light after the school district contacted the police after the teacher, Limbaugh, allegedly "made contact with the school's Superintendent" and told him that in May 2023, she had a sexual relationship with one of her students. During her arrest, Lindsey Limbaugh told cops that she had sex with her former student.

She also told the detectives that she had sex twice with the student during a "protracted relationship", which began in April 2023 during the Lil Wayne concert. The teacher also stated that she established contact with the student via TikTok. Following this, they started exchanging texts over the next several weeks. Earlier in May, she told cops that the student drove her to Benton's Car Wash, where the two "began making out."

Limbaugh also claimed that the male student "fondled her right breast" until she told him to stop. The victim and his father corroborated the same in an interview later. In their statement, the detectives also said that on another occasion, the male student reportedly put his hands down the back of his teacher's pants while they kissed during a class field trip to an area park. US Shocker: Man Forces Woman for Sex, Shares Video on Social Media in Alabama's Dothan; Arrested.

In one of the interviews, the student told detectives that the two had consensual intercourse during a meeting. Even after the student graduated, the teacher visited his house, where the two are believed to had consensual intercourse. Meanwhile, the second accused, who was Limbaugh's aide in the school district, has also been charged with two felony counts of sexual conduct. She has been accused of exchanging illicit photos and having intercourse with a student in a classroom.

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