Arizona, December 1: In a shocking incident that has emerged from Arizona, US, a male security guard was reportedly caught having sex with the dead body of a 79-year-old woman. His colleagues caught him red-handed and alerted the police. The 46-year-old, identified as Randall Bird, was arrested and slapped with multiple charges after an inquiry kicked off last month into allegations levelled against him. The incident which took place at the Banner University Medical Centre morgue in Phoenix City, had rattled the community at that time.

Randall Bird was responsible for transporting deceased people to the morgue and placing them into the freezer. According to New York Post, on Sunday, October 22,  the suspect was allegedly found with the unnamed dead body of the elderly woman with the belt removed, zipper down, and uniform appearing in a messy condition by the hospital's staff members. They also found him soaked in sweat and acting nervous while in the freezer. US Shocker: 2-Year-Old Boy Undergoes Multiple Surgeries After Allegedly Being Thrashed by Drunk Babysitter in Colorado.

According to documents, the body bag of the elderly woman was also found unzipped, and she was positioned face down on the gurney, with Bird's belt placed on top. When confronted, Bird quickly covered the dead body and claimed that he had a medical episode. US Shocker: Woman Allegedly Pierces Rabies Needles in Boyfriend's Eye For Looking at Other Woman in Florida.

Bird, now a former security guard of the hospital during interrogation, said that he had collapsed as he was feeling sick, and he unintentionally grabbed the body bag, tearing it open. He claimed to have no recollection whatsoever of the incident. An investigation found injuries on the dead body, and the woman's body also tested positive for Bird's DNA. Randall Bird was accused of necrophilia and hit with several charges. The hospital later released a statement saying that they were saddened and appalled by the alleged incident.

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