New York, July 21: In a shocking incident, an 18-year-old woman named Jazmin Paez has been accused of attempting to hire a hitman with the intention of murdering her own three-year-old son. Local reports said she has already been released on bond after spending time in jail. According to court documents, Paez is now facing charges of first-degree solicitation of murder and third-degree unlawful use of a communications device. This shocking case has attracted media attention and continues to unfold as authorities investigate the matter further. US: Woman Allegedly Hires Hitman To Kill Wife of Man She Met Online, Arrested After Fake Assassination Website Tips Off Police.

According to reports, Paez allegedly attempted to hire a hitman through a fake website called "" This website was seemingly created with the intent of being a platform for amusement but also appeared to attract individuals seeking to hire a killer. Paez is said to have used the website, where she expressed her desire for a hitman to take care of a certain matter "once and for all." She even specified a deadline for the job, requesting it to be completed by Thursday. US Shocker: 18-Month-Old Girl Dies After Being Left in Hot Car Overnight Post Fourth of July Party in Florida, Parents Arrested and Charged for Manslaughter.

Local reports stated that it had been alleged that Paez agreed to pay $3,000 to have her son killed. The matter came to light when the owner of the website, Robert Innes, alerted the Police. After receiving the tip-off from Innes, the Miami Dade Police initially seemed sceptical, perhaps assuming that such a disturbing request couldn't be genuine due to its gravity. However, they eventually took the matter seriously and diligently verified the information provided on the website. Subsequently, they took appropriate action against Paez, recognising the credibility of the reported information.

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