Mumbai, June 20: After a mother-of-three ground staff member was pulled into an airplane's engine, an American Airlines subsidiary was slapped with a $15,000 fine. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) penalised Piedmont Airlines after Courtney Edwards, 34, was 'ingested into the engine' at Montgomery Regional Airport in Alabama on December 31 of last year.

Edwards was at Montgomery Regional Airport 'on the ramp where American Airlines Flight 3408, an Embraer E175, was parked' when the terrifying incident took place. US: Baggage Handler at Alabama Facility Dies After Being ‘Sucked’ Into Plane Engine in Horrifying Mishap

The safety lapse that caused Courtney's death was determined to be the airline's fault. In a statement issued by her union, the Communication Workers of America, the OSHA said Piedmont Airlines 'is guilty of a serious breach'.

Before the aircraft arrived at the gate, ground personnel and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reportedly conducted two safety briefings. Between the Alabama airport and Falls Fort Worth, Texas, passengers were transported by aeroplane.

According to the NTSB investigation, Ms Edwards was seen heading towards the back of the aircraft while clutching an orange safety cone on surveillance footage.

When the horrible occurrence happened, she vanished from view. As Courtney was drawn into the engine, the plane experienced an instant shutdown. The co-pilot stated that the 'aeroplane shook violently followed by the immediate automatic shutdown'. Mid-Air Tragedy: Female Passenger Gets Sucked Out of Southwest Plane Window After Engine Debris Cracks Window.

A GoFundMe raised more than $120,000, well beyond its modest $25,000 target. "Courtney was a Ground Handling agent for Piedmont Airlines, a subsidiary of American Airlines, a loving mother of three kids and a wonderful daughter to her beloved mother, Natalie English of Montgomery, Alabama", the fundraising page read.

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