Orlando, February 1: A passenger aboard a Frontier Airlines flight from Orlando to Philadelphia is facing federal charges following a caught-on-video meltdown. Dulce Huertas, 60, allegedly flashed the cabin by pulling down her pants and underwear, cursed at the crew, and threatened to kill fellow passengers.

According to a New York Post report, the incident occurred on a November 20 flight. Huertas, who had consumed two cocktails, got out of her seat as the plane was about to land in Philadelphia and announced she needed to use the restroom. Despite being told to sit down by a flight attendant, Huertas began cursing and causing a disturbance. American Airlines Flight Attendant Records Video of Minor Girls In Plane Restrooms, Arrested For Child Porn.

After landing, Huertas continued to curse at passengers around her. At the gate, she allegedly pushed other passengers out of the way to approach the lavatory at the front of the cabin. She then pulled down her pants and underwear in the aisle, displaying herself to the passengers, some of whom were children. Southwest Airlines Passenger Opens Emergency Exit, Attempts Tarmac Getaway at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, Arrested (Watch Videos).

Despite her actions, Huertas did not urinate on the floor but continued to curse at passengers. She then attempted to push past a flight attendant, leading to concerns that she might open an external door and activate an emergency slide.

Huertas has been charged with indecent exposure in the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States, interference with flight crew members and attendants, and simple assault.

The charges were filed on Monday in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

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