Moscow, February 9: Russia President Vladimir Putin’s health has become a subject of speculation and concern after his recent interview with American TV host Tucker Carlson. The interview, which aired on Thursday night, showed Vladimir Putin holding his leg still, coughing and clearing his throat several times. In the interview with Tucker Carlson, Putin also made controversial statements about Ukraine, global war, Elon Musk and Boris Johnson.

The interview was Vladimir Putin’s first appearance on Western media since he launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. He claimed that the war could end in weeks if the West stopped arming Ukraine. He also dismissed Ukraine as a “non-existent” country and said that he was not afraid of a global conflict. He praised Elon Musk as a “genius” and a “visionary” but mocked Boris Johnson as a “clown” and a “puppet”. Vladimir Putin Health Update: Rumours About Russia President's Use of Body Doubles and Ill-Health Were Started by Himself, Claims Ex-MP Ilya Ponomarev.

The Vladimir Putin-Tucker Carlson Interview

Vladimir Putin Seen Holding Down 'Shaking' Leg

The interview raised fresh doubts about Vladimir Putin’s health, which has been a subject of rumours for years. Some observers have suggested that Putin may be suffering from a heart condition, cancer, Parkinson’s disease or other ailments. They have pointed to his facial expressions, body language and speech patterns as signs of his ill health.

Kremlin Denies

However, the Kremlin has consistently denied any health issues affecting Putin. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissed the rumours as “fake news” and said that Putin was in “excellent” shape. He said that the media outlets that spread such stories were “envying” Putin’s popularity and achievements. Vladimir Putin Underwent Plastic Surgery? Russian President's Swollen Cheeks Fuel Cosmetic Surgery Rumours.

Vladimir Putin, who is 71 years old, has been in power since 2000. He is widely expected to run for a fifth term in 2024. He has not named a successor or indicated any plans to retire. He has also kept his personal life and medical history largely secret from the public.

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