Mumbai, November 30: Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly urged women in the country to have "seven, eight or more" children in a bid to increase Russia's population. If reports are to be believed, Vladimir Putin wants Russians to return to the tsarist era when large families were more common. The development comes amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

According to a report in Mirror.Co.UK, Russia, which has a population of 143.4 million people, has seen a decrease in birth rates over the years. The report stated that Russia's invasion of Ukraine is also to be blamed for putting off people from having kids. The Russian President is himself reported to have at least six children from three different partners; however, Vladimir Putin has publicly admitted to having two daughters. Vladimir Putin Says 'Alaikum As-Salam' When Greeted With 'As-Salamu Alaikum' at Ceremony; Video of Russian President Responding to Islamic Greeting Goes Viral.

A controversy has erupted in Russia after a video showed Vladimir Putin directing Russians to have more children. The alleged video also shows the Russian President promising people state support for "motherhood". "Thank God many of our people have a tradition of a strong multi-generational family, raising four, five and more children," he said.

The controversial video also shows Vladimir Putin asking Russians to preserve and revive the beautiful traditions of having more children. "Having many children, a large family, should become a norm, a way of life for all the people of Russia," Putin stated. The Russian President's plea reportedly comes after a fall of 555,000 in the Russian population in the first year of the Russia-Ukraine war. Vladimir Putin Is Dead? Kremlin Issues Strong Denial After Unconfirmed Report Claims Russian President Has Died of Cancer.

The report also said that many families in Russia are too nervous to start or increase their families as more men are being sent off to the front line to fight the war. According to demographers, a slump in Russia's economy has discouraged families from having children.

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