New Delhi, January 12: Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender, gained notoriety for his association with high-profile figures and his alleged involvement in sex trafficking. His Caribbean island, known as Little St James, emerged as a focal point of his illicit activities. Recent revelations stemming from defamation proceedings involving Epstein's associate Ghislaine Maxwell have thrust the infamous "Paedophile Island" into the spotlight. The island, where Epstein allegedly orchestrated sex parties and heinous crimes, has become a focal point of investigations, uncovering disturbing details about its dark history.

A lawsuit filed by the Virgin Islands Attorney General alleges that Epstein transported girls aged 12 to 17 to his estate by various means between 2001 and 2019. The lawsuit claims Epstein's use of the island for illegal activities, with reports of air traffic controllers witnessing his arrival with underage girls. Epstein's refusal to allow investigators onto the island raised suspicions, while unsealed documents hinted at disturbing incidents, including the involvement of renowned scientist Stephen Hawking in an alleged "underage orgy." Jeffrey Epstein List: Billionaire Investor Glenn Dubin Had Sex With Minor Girl While His Pregnant Wife Slept in Next Room, Documents Reveal.

Where is the Jeffrey Epstein's Island?

Epstein's Little St James, spanning 72 acres, is situated off the coast of St Thomas and gained notoriety for hosting illicit activities, with reports of sex parties and human trafficking. The island, part of the US Virgin Islands, was purchased by Epstein in 1998 for USD 8 million. The island, colloquially dubbed "Paedophile Island," became infamous for hosting sex parties and other illicit activities. Since Epstein's death, disturbing revelations have surfaced, with victims recounting instances of trafficking and abuse on the island.

The island was transformed into a private haven that witnessed frequent visits from high-profile guests. Satellite images reveal the sprawling infrastructure Epstein developed, including lavish villas, pools, a helipad, and even a mysterious structure often referred to as a "temple." The island's dark past, coupled with Epstein's high-profile connections, continues to fuel speculation and intrigue. Jeffrey Epstein Allegedly Recorded Sex Tapes of Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and Sir Richard Branson: Reports.

Following Epstein's death in 2019, the island's future took a surprising turn. Billionaire Stephen Deckoff purchased Little St. James for $60 million in May 2023, intending to convert it into a luxury resort with 25 rooms. The move aims to erase the island's sordid past and repurpose it for a more positive future. However, the transition raises ethical questions about the fate of a place synonymous with exploitation and abuse. The move toward a resort is expected to be completed by 2025, with the proceeds contributing to compensation for Epstein's victims.

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