White tigers have been mesmerising humans for centuries. They are a regular crowd-pleaser at zoos and sanctuaries across the world. Their beautiful white and black stripes make it one-of-a-kind creature captivating many spectators. As stunning as they look, White Tigers are equally dangerous. Much like in a recent case, where a rare white tiger has attacked a zookeeper to death in its enclosure at a zoo in south-west Japan. The zookeeper identified as Akira Furusho was immediately pronounced dead after rushing to the hospital. Duck Survives a Tiger Attack! This Viral Video Teaches Us How to Duck Problems Skilfully. 

The incident occurred on October 8 at the Hirakawa Zoological Park in Kagoshima. Local media reports state that the 40-year-old was found collapsed and bleeding from the neck inside the tiger’s cage. According to officials, they believe that Furusho was attacked by one of the park’s four white tigers. The white tiger who has been speculated to be responsible for the attack was sedated with a tranquiliser gun by a veterinarian at the zoo before the rescue workers and police arrived. Hirakawa Zoological Park was opened in 1972 and is run by a public corporation under a contract with the municipal government. Tigers' Love Story at Delhi Zoo: Royal Bengal Tiger and White Tigress Are Married and Ready to Mate. 

The police officials at present are investigating how the publicly-run zoo looks after the four white tigers it keeps. The Guardian reported that this was the second attack involving a zoo employee in Japan this year. In March, a female worker at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo was injured after a gorilla bit her right arm while she was escorting the gorilla from its public display area to its living space. A British zookeeper in 2017 was killed by a tiger at Hamerton zoo park when the animal entered the enclosure where she was working.

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