London, November 28: A UK man had a horrifying experience when he found out that a spider had laid eggs in his toe while he was on a cruise with his wife. They were celebrating their 35th anniversary in Marseille, France when Colin Blake noticed his toe was swollen and purple. He went to see the ship’s doctor and learned that he had been bitten by a Peruvian wolf spider, which had implanted its eggs in his toe. He had to undergo surgery to remove the “foreign body” and take medication to counter the venom. Murder Caught on Camera in UK: Man Stabs Daughter's Father-in-Law To Death With Kitchen Knife in Row Over Wedding Gifts, Arrested; Chilling Video Surfaces.

As per the BBC report, Peruvian wolf spiders have been flourishing in France ever since they arrived there on cargo ships. Blake, who lives in Cramlington, said he did not feel the bite because the spider paralyzes its prey before laying its eggs. He said his wife thought his toe was red because of his new sandals. The doctor cut open his toe and found a “milky substance” with spider eggs inside. London Metro Attack Video: Two Women Thrash Female Passenger in Train on Elizabeth Line, Clip of Assault Goes Viral.

Mr Blake was treated at a hospital when he got back to the UK and was given antibiotics to reduce the swelling. The venom eventually left his foot, and he could see the bite marks of the spider. But four weeks later, he felt something strange in his toe. The doctors found a baby spider under his skin, which had hatched from one of the eggs. Mr Blake said the spider was trying to get out by eating his toe.

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