Washington DC, November 4: Crews of US law enforcement officers are monitoring the current situation on the streets surrounding the White House in Washington, which was fenced off ahead of the election day, a Sputnik correspondent at the scene reports.

Several dozen law enforcement officers have been dispatched to the streets adjacent to the White House. Many civilians, some with banners and posters, have taken to the streets of the US capital as voting in the presidential election continues. US Presidential Election 2020 Results Live Streaming on CNN, Fox News: Watch The Donald Trump vs Joe Biden Race to Find Out Who Becomes America’s Next President.

The police crews have, at the present time, not intervened to break up any activity, according to the correspondent. A large non-scalable fence was erected around the perimeter of the White House ahead of Election Day.

Parking restrictions were also brought into force in Washington, and the local authorities are prepared to temporarily close streets should protest break out.

Polling stations across the United States are set to close on Tuesday evening as Democratic candidate Joe Biden faces off against his Republican counterpart and incumbent president, Donald Trump.

Many retailers in downtown Washington have boarded up their premises, fearing that violence may break out in the city as the election results are announced. (ANI/Sputnik)

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