Berlin, January 16: Europe, including Germany, is preparing for Russia President Vladimir Putin to expand the Russian war in Ukraine and attack NATO ally countries next year, a leaked military document revealed. The extended attack may result in the outbreak of World War 3.

According to a report by Bild newspaper, based on secret documents from the German defence ministry, Germany is getting ready for a possible war with Russia. The report said that Russia might escalate the conflict in Ukraine and attack other NATO members next year, raising the risk of World War 3. The report came as the tension between Russia and Ukraine continued for almost two years. However, Russian officials denied the report and called it a “fake”.  World War 3 Fears: Russia President Vladimir Putin May Order ‘Nuclear Attack’ on NATO Countries, Says Ex-CIA Analyst.

The report also claimed that European militaries were preparing for a Russian assault on NATO’s eastern border, which could involve a cyber attack. The report outlined a scenario named “Alliance Defence 2024”, in which the situation would worsen in a few weeks and many German soldiers would join the fight, according to sources from the defence ministry.

The report said that Russia would launch a “spring offensive” against Ukrainian forces as the Western support for them was decreasing. The report also detailed how Russia would advance and how NATO would resist, month by month. The report said that the violence would intensify in September and that Russian President Vladimir Putin would conduct a massive military drill with about 50,000 Russian troops in Western Russia and Belarus. World War 3 Approaching? Jack Barsky, Former KGB Agent, Warns Russia Could Trigger Nuclear Apocalypse With ‘Accidental Launch’.

The report said that Russia could then move troops and medium-range missiles to Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave between Poland and Lithuania, which are NATO countries. The report said that Russia could also exploit the US presidential election in December to spread its propaganda and cause more chaos.

The report said that NATO would respond by taking “measures for credible deterrence” by May 2025 to counter the Russian build-up and to avoid a clash between Russian and Western forces. Russian news agency TASS asked Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov about the report, but he did not answer. He said that the newspaper often published “various fake news items and canards”. Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova ridiculed the report as “last year’s horoscope”.

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