New York, January 29: World War 3 fears heightened after a drone attack by an Iran-backed militia killed three US soldiers and wounded 25 more in Jordan, near the Syrian border. US President Joe Biden promised to “hold all those responsible to account at a time and in a manner of our choosing”. However, Joe Biden has received a stark nuclear warning about attacking Iran.

According to the Mirror, David Albright, a former UN weapons inspector, said the US should retaliate against the militia group, but not against Iran directly, to avoid a wider war. He warned that Iran might feel compelled to build nuclear weapons if it felt threatened by the US. Albright said, “You don’t want to attack Iran now by any means, but you do need to retaliate. Certainly, any retaliation should be directed at the group, with a message to Iran: ‘Control your proxies.’ One of the reasons to do that is you don’t want Iran to feel it’s being backed into a corner where it feels that building nuclear weapons is its best way out. Iran has quite a nuclear weapons capability that they’ve put together over the last 20-something years.” Drone Attack on US Base: Three American Soldiers Killed, 25 Injured in Drone Strike by Iran-Backed Military Groups in Jordan.

What Are Kamikaze Drones? How Do They Work?

Albright explained how the kamikaze drones used by Iran work. He said, "It was expected that at some point, one of these kamikaze drones was going to kill Americans. They carry quite a bit of high explosives and they’re pre-programmed to hit stationary targets, so they can hit pretty precisely a military base. And Iran knows the US will retaliate.

He further added, "They’re pretty effective drones; they’re not fast. I’m sure the ones they copied probably had a jet engine, but the ones they’ve reverse-engineered ended up having a propeller. It’s well-documented that the engine sounds like a lawnmower. But it has a very good guidance system and an anti-jamming system, too. So it can often reach the target. They can be shot down, and they often are, but as this case shows, they can also get through. Typically, when they’ve been launched in Ukraine, they’re launched in barrages, in the hope that ten percent or 20 percent will hit their targets.” World War 3 Fears: Germany Afraid Russia President Vladimir Putin Could Start WW3, Say Leaked Military Documents.

Albright also said that Iran was close to enriching uranium to 90%, the level needed to make a nuclear bomb. He said that Iran’s scientists already knew how to build the weapon and that they could have enough material for six bombs in one month and 12 bombs in five months.

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