Mumbai, February 7: World War 3 fears heightened as the war between Russia and Ukraine reached a new level of intensity as Russian forces launched missile strikes on several Ukrainian cities, killing civilians and damaging infrastructure. NATO has responded by sending fighter jets to the Poland-Ukraine border, raising the risk of a wider conflict.

According to the Daily Star report, the attacks, which began on Wednesday morning, targeted Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, and other locations, according to Ukraine’s Air Force. The missiles hit residential buildings, power plants, and a Ukrainian marine drone plant, among other sites. Russia claimed the strikes were in retaliation for Ukrainian air defences shooting down a Russian bomber over Engels, a city in southern Russia. Is Poland Preparing for War Against Russia? Defense Minister Says 'Expect Every Scenario'.

Ukraine Condemns Russia's Offensive

The Ukrainian government condemned the attacks as a “barbaric act of aggression” and called for international support. The US ambassador to Kyiv, Bridget A. Brink, said, “Ukraine needs our security assistance now” and urged Congress to approve more military aid for the country.

The mayor of Kyiv, former champion boxer Vitali Klitschko, urged residents to stay in shelters and avoid panic. He said explosions were heard in the city, and an apartment building caught fire in Holosiivsky district. He also reported two injured people in the Dnipro district. Firefighters and rescue units were dispatched to the scene. World War 3 Fears: Russia President Vladimir Putin May Order ‘Nuclear Attack’ on NATO Countries, Says Ex-CIA Analyst.

NATO Jets Scrambled

The situation was also tense on the Poland-Ukraine border, where NATO jets were seen flying towards the area. Poland, a NATO member, said it was observing “intensive long-range aviation activity of the Russian Federation” due to the missile strikes on Ukrainian territory. It said it had launched “all necessary procedures” to ensure the safety of its airspace.

The escalation of the war, which started in 2014 when Russia invaded and annexed Crimea, has alarmed the international community and raised fears of a wider confrontation. The UN Security Council is expected to hold an emergency meeting on the crisis later today.

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