Non-believers Attending Religious Gatherings is Not Right: VHP Leader Vinod Bansal

New Delhi [India], Sept 29 (ANI): After Bajrang Dal appealed to Dandiya organisers to check Aadhar cards to restrict the entry of non-Hindus, Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Vinod Kumar Bansal stated that non-believers attending Hindu religious gatherings is not right. Speaking to ANI, Vinod Kumar Bansal said, "Non-believers coming to religious gatherings is not right. Such people, when coming to religious gatherings, come with an aim to cause disruption. Identification should also be done for security reasons."Bansal further alleged that many 'love-jihad' incidents were happening in the country.Upon being asked whether Bajrang Dal and VHP will be there at religious gatherings for the checking, Bansal stated "Our teams will do their jobs. Naturally, when anti-religious people try to disrupt the activities of the nation's main culture, then nation-worshippers will stand up."On Sunday in Hyderabad, the Bajrang Dal had threatened all 'Garba' and 'Dandiya' organisers of disrupting their events if they allow non-Hindus to enter the venues. (ANI)

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