Balochistan [Pakistan], May 29 (ANI): Ahead of the local government elections in Balochistan, aerial firing took place in a ward of Chaman district on Sunday as tensions escalated between political parties due to a delay in polling, Ary News reported.

The firing took place in the Municipal Corporation Ward No. 3, Chaman, due to postponement in the polling process and two ballot papers missing from the polling equipment.

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DRO Sohail-ur-Rehman reached the polling station in Ward No. 3 and police and administration took immediate control of the polling station, reported Ary News, citing sources.

The Balochistan government has asked the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to postpone the local government elections in the province till July 15, however, the reasons for the delay are not explained.

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Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja warned of strict action in case of violations during the polling process as local bodies elections are underway in Balochistan province.

The CEC who is supervising the election process in the central control room said that the ECP would not tolerate any interference during the polling process and urged the masses to use their right to vote without any fear.

"People should come out of their house and vote for their representatives," Sikandar Sultan Raja said and warned that legal action would be taken against anyone barring women from polling.

Balochistan was the first province of the country which had held the LG elections in the province in 2014 and after completing the four-year term the LG government's institutions were dissolved in 2018. Since then the LG government institutions were being run by administrators appointed by the government. (ANI)

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