Lahore, June 19: Pakistan Railways Employees (PREM) Union (CBA) protested at the diesel engine shed in Lahore against the delay in the current month's salary payment. They added, "Only a few days are left until Eidul-Adha," The Express Tribune reported.

So far, Pakistan Railways did not give salaries to its employees due to the severe financial crisis. It has caused a lot of trouble among the employees. Prem Union Lahore President Fiaz Ahmed Shahzad, Secretary Khizar Hayat Baig, Senior Vice President Muhammad Jameel Malik, and organizer Haji Aziz Madi have appealed to the Railways Minister Saad Rafique and CEO Arshad Salam Khattak to resolve the issue of salaries, as per The Express Tribune. Pakistan Supreme Court Reserves Verdict on Review Judgements Law Case.

The Express Tribune is the first internationally affiliated newspaper in Pakistan. These were not advance payments but salaries that were supposed to be received on specific dates and have still not been paid yet. It has caused severe restlessness among the employees, The Express Tribune reported. Pakistan: 12 Human Trafficking Suspects Arrested After Greece Boat Tragedy Highlighted Issue of Pakistani Nationals Trying To Enter Europe Illegally; Several Refugees Believed to Among Be Dead.

Workers Union Central leader Nasir Mujtaba has asked for immediate payment of salaries. Giving a warning, he said, otherwise, protest demonstrations would be held at stations next week, across the country.

Usually, government employees get an advanced salary for the upcoming month on Eid. The delay in the monthly payment has caused resentment among employees, as they were already expecting double salaries this month to arrange for the sacrificial animal for the holy occasion.

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