Benjamin specializes in helping people construct their business and maximize their customers' sales and turnover.

Frequently, it happens that aspiring entrepreneurs will possess all the requisite qualities, such as zeal, hard work, dedication, preparation, positive energy, etc. But lack one important attribute, which is courage. Certain entrepreneurs are really brave when they take the high-end risks and invest tremendously in potential rewards, or not brave enough to take risks, depending on the mantra of "low-risk low rewards." To become a good entrepreneur, one has to have the capacity of courage, to exercise courage and to measure in exquisite amounts, neither too much nor too little. In this respect, an entrepreneur with the highest standards in the business world goes by the name of Benjamin Donhardt.

Benjamin was an inspiring member of the Navy who has overcome a difficult upbringing. He's now become an international business entrepreneur who is striving to achieve a charity that helps men, women and children, break the domestic violence cycle thus becoming great warriors in such unfavorable circumstances. His journey has been a long grueling one. He came from a low socio-economic zone in western Sydney and suffered from domestic abuse in a violent household. He was often beaten as a young boy and was always told that he was worthless. Despite many failures in life, his hope was not lost and his quest remained inspired. 

He says, “No matter how hard it's been or what obstacles I face there is always light amidst darkness. All of my defeats and wins have played the part to get me to where I am today and I don't plan on slowing down anytime soon. My time in the military was one of the best experiences and somewhat shaped an integral part of my work ethic and core ethical values. Taking risks as scary as they may seem is where I have grown both in business and in my personal life. I believe in taking full responsibility for my actions and learning from them. My fitness has helped me in my career in more ways than I could ever imagine. This has helped me to start a company true to my vision.”

Benjamin is the founder of Nurtured Sales, a well-known sales and lead nurturing company. As Benjamin is enthusiastic about sales in the health and wellness sector, his goal with his company is to help business operators build and expand their businesses by implementing unique and smart sales techniques that have known to be successful and profitable around the world. Nurtured’s services make it possible for individuals to increase leads, achieve higher sales conversions, improve customer retention, deliver a better customer journey and support the operation of their business. The company also provides services to interact, engage and convert via focus on - personalised SMS and email. This includes CRM software that allows users to access, track and keep up with their database by discovering new possibilities and automating reporting so that they can make better business decisions.

It takes immense motivation and inspiration to achieve such a degree of success, and Benjamin says, "I have been one of my greatest inspirations, and I used my childhood memories of my parents’ struggle as a motivation to get to where I am today.”