Pierre Giannone is one of those entrepreneurs with flair. Today at the head of his own company, and also as a trainer and coach for entrepreneurs, Pierre Giannone has shaken up his destiny to pursue his dreams.  Zoom on to the success story of this young and very successful entrepreneur.

If he is now a business leader and helps others to create and develop their business, Pierre Giannone did not choose the path to entrepreneurship in the beginning.

In fact, after 5 years of higher education, he obtained his Master in Finance degree and was ready to become an account manager in a major bank. But Pierre Giannone decided to take a completely different path. After successfully completing his studies, the young man was ready for something completely different, degree in pocket.

"Do I really want to work as an employee for someone else's vision? Why not follow my own choices, my own ambitions, work for myself and achieve coveted freedom?.

And this is how Pierre Giannone took his first steps in entrepreneurship.

From e-merchant to trainer and coach on social networks, the young entrepreneur has gone through many stages and has experienced some failures, many challenges and rich encounters.

It is in 2019, after meeting his business partner that he became co-founder of the company Tunneldevente.com . A huge success because in less than two years, they both became major players in the French-speaking market, accompanying companies in learning new technologies to develop their business.

This is Pierre Giannone's greatest pride, being co-founder of his own company in which he can help and accompany entrepreneurs to develop their business and grow themselves.

Over the last 3 years, more than 1000 people, companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers have been supported by Pierre Giannone through trainings, individual coaching, group coaching and events. Inspiring to helping others live the professional life that they have always dreamed of is the ultimate goal of this young entrepreneur.

And if he has already been successful as an entrepreneur and trainer, he doesn't intend to stop there. Pierre Giannone will soon launch his brand new project: Accomplir.com: a professional and personal coaching program centered around personal and business development. Because these two aspects remain linked, Pierre Giannone remains convinced that in order to fully develop in the business world, one must also be fulfilled on a personal level.

A project in line with Pierre Giannone's values, is to continue sharing and to support others in a way which will change their daily life and outlook in life in general. Stay tuned!