Halloween Sex Positions: Spooky Ways to Have Sex to Spice Up Your Monotonous Sex Life
Halloween Sex Positions (Photo Credits: The Noun Project and File Image)

Fall is here and we can already get the spooky Halloween feels. Celebrated on October 31, Halloween is all about scary, eerie things for the people who like it. But what about Halloween sex? Have you heard about spooky sex positions and bewitching poses for sex on Halloween? Well, technically they are just like any other sex positions but for Halloween, since everything is spooky enough, you can go a little dramatic with sex as well. Modifying the regular sex positions in a way that they bring a kick into your monotonous sex life is the idea behind Halloween sex positions. This Halloween Makeup Patch Is Making Perverts Look Twice, Scar or Vagina, You Decide. 

But you must remember, Halloween sex position is all about giving a twist to your sex life not about taking any dangerous steps. You must ultimately enjoy sex to the fullest. Here are a few Halloween sex position suggestions but you can go out and about to modify it according to your personal preferences.

Spider Sex Position

There is nothing more spooky than spiders, right? And for people who like Halloween they cannot get away without the celebrations without some spider touch. So about the sex position, all you have to do is make your partner sit in a chair and you sit on their lap facing towards them. Wrap your legs and hands around them while giving them the best feeling in the world of sex. Bite them like the vampires do to give it a Halloween touch.

Ghost Rider

The Ghost Rider includes the man lying on the edge of the bed with his legs and butt off the bed. The pose isn't romantic enough but is kinda devious and kinky. The woman is supposed to straddle the man and rides him facing in the opposite direction of that man.

Face Sit

Another, less romantic more rough sex position. The woman can sit on the face of the man while they lie on the bed on their back. Straddle their face and make the sex position a little rough.

Sex Toys With 'Ghost' mode

An interesting sex toy made a buzz on social media, known as the Holloweenie. The feature of this sex toy includes 'ghost' mode, which means anyone in the radius of Bluetooth can control the device. The idea being, someone enjoying at a Halloween party can still get their pleasure.

Experiment with the sex positions that you and your partner like and give them a spooky touch. You can also think of having sex with your Halloween costume on for the perfect feel.