Mumbai Doctor's Appeal: Breaks Down, Says ‘Never Seen Anything Like This, Never Felt So Helpless’

INDIA Team Latestly|

"We are helpless... never seen such a situation before..." Desperate words of an overworked & traumatised Mumbai doctor driven to tears as an avalanche of Covid-19 positive patients threatens to overrun the medical infrastructure in one of the world's biggest cities. An appeal by Dr Trupti Gilada, an infectious diseases specialist, was widely shared on April 20.  "I have never seen anything like this... we are so helpless,” Dr Gilada says in the video. Struggling to contain herself, to wipe away her tears, Dr Gilada then lists three steps every single person - man, woman or child - must take to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. The doctor, who underlines that she isn't the only medical professional to feel the stress of the current situation, also stresses on the importance of getting the Covid-19 vaccine. Coronavirus has infected 2,95,041 people in India and left 2,023 dead in the last 24 hours, in a grim new record for the country. The total number of deaths has increased to 1,82,553 after the huge one-day spike. India's tally of more than 1.56 crore Covid-19 cases is the second-highest globally, behind the United States and ahead of Brazil.

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