Sonu Sood Breaks Down As He Talks About India’s Covid-19 Crises: ‘What Country Are We Living In?’


Sonu Sood, who has been arranging oxygen, hospital beds and medicines for people as the country battles the second wave of Covid-19, says every call for help is a realisation of the system’s failure to protect its citizens. Sood spoke to journalist Barkha Dutt at length about the shortage of oxygen in the capital, lack of hospital beds and the mental trauma that people have to bear after losing their loved ones not to the virus, but delayed treatment. He said his heart breaks thinking of the less-privileged who don’t even have a shot at treatment due to lack of financial and social resources. Sonu Sood went on to say that he was grateful to God that his parents weren’t alive because he couldn’t imagine how helpless he would have been if they contracted the coronavirus. When asked why he believed the present situation was a collective failure, the actor said only a meagre part of the country’s GDP is allocated for healthcare, which is telling of the unprecedented health crisis India is facing today. Sonu Sood reiterated his appeal to the government to ensure free education for all children who have lost one or both the parents to Covid-19. Sonu Sood’s suggestion to the government found support in colleague Priyanka Chopra who, in an Instagram post, lauded the actor’s efforts in mitigating the Covid-19 emergency in the country.

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