New Delhi [India], March 10 (ANI/ATK): In today's world, algo trading has become more competitive than one could have imagined a couple of years ago. As people become more aware of the benefits of Algo Trading, having an edge over fellow traders becomes quintessential for successful trading.

Wondering how to go about this? Well, investing in short courses to obtain extra algo trading knowledge is the way to go about it! And, Tradetron offers exactly that. Do you want to become an expert in Algo Trading? Join the Tradetron University and take up the courses they offer

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Understanding The Tradetron Courses:

Tradetron offers 3 courses to cover all that you need to be on top of your algo trading game. Mentioned below are the courses and the topics that they cover.

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Course 1: Introduction to Markets & Algos

Have you been introduced to Markets & Algos by Tradetron yet? Well, this is your chance! Introduction to Markets & Algos is a paid course that not only aims to teach you theory of financial markets but also provides you actionable strategies to take your trading approach to the next level.

Through this course, you will be able to:

* Navigate the stock market, forex (FX) markets

* Understand the functioning of these markets

* Seek knowledge in key concepts like leverage, risk management and hedging

This course is taught by Vivek Gadodia, Co-Founder at Dravyaniti Consulting that is a Fin-Tech Platform offering ready-to-deploy Algo Trading strategies, Algo Education and Algo Convention. Mr Gadodia loves working with traders and firms to help them in their algorithmic trading journeys. Consequently, at the end of the course, not only would you have been introduced to algo trading but you will also experience a live classroom-like learning environment.

It gets better!

You will obtain a completion certificate for the hard work you put in while mastering your skills at the algo trading game.

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Course 2: Advanced Strategy Building

Strategy Building is one of the most important aspects of Algo Trading at Tradetron. If you have been struggling with creating strategies or would like to enhance the performance of your existing strategies, then enrolling for the Advanced Strategy Building course will take you a long way.

Advanced Strategy Building give you a clear understanding of:

* How the no-code strategy builder works

* Keywords you need to know and its functioning

* How to be on top of your algo trading game

Wondering who you will learn from?

Ankur Kedia has had more than 10 years of experience in stock markets and trading. He is known to have created successful strategies on Tradetron and is exceptionally skilled at coding strategies.

Under the guidance of Ankur Kedia, you will get an understanding of the strategy creation interface and usage of lists to allow your strategies to execute your rules on several instruments simultaneously. Moreover, you will obtain a certificate for having completed the course and developing skills that a selected few may have.

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Course 3: Tradetron Creator Essentials

Have you ever wondered, "What next?" after building your own successful trading strategies. The next step is deploying and sharing it with like-minded Algo traders to reap the benefits of a full-fledged strategy. That is exactly what the Tradetron Creator Essentials course focuses on.

Through this course you will be able to:

* Optimize your Tradetron success and elevated earnings

* Cover the various marketplace settings

* Learn how a Strategy Creator can effectively manage settings, subscribers & broadcast messages

The course focuses on the need-to-know surrounding subscribers which includes:

* Billing

* Offline invoices

* Marketplace settings and so on.

Additionally, through the Shared Access Codes feature, you will be able to simplify Strategy use for your subscribers by making them more transparent. This will also give you better control over your subscribers' portfolios.

It does not end here! You will obtain a certificate for gaining knowledge in all the essentials relating to Creator Strategy and the steps that follow.

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We hope we have given you a basic insight of the wonders you could do with Tradetron Courses. Tradetron University also ensures that you invest the right amount of money only to get more returns in the future. How's this possible, you ask? At the end of these courses, you will have knowledge about Markets, Strategies and the Algo Trading Universe from stalwarts of India's most popular Algo Trading Marketplace, Tradetron! Don't wait anymore! Sign up for these courses NOW!

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