New Delhi [India], June 22 (ANI/GPRC): The world has been a witness to the rise of many businesses and brands across the world, out of which a few of them always make sure to enthral people with what they offer.

Among the many industries that have been on a constant growth pedestal, the education sector is one that has constantly developed and has offered students excellent opportunities to up their academic learning like never before.

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Since the shift of industries into the digital world, the education sector too jumped into the online bandwagon to provide students with the best online learning courses. Topping the list of such hand-curated learning platforms is JOTOBOTO, an incredible English and Social Science learning platform powered by animation and visuals.

Learning core subjects has now become easy as JOTOBOTO brings a digital platform to help students learn in a novel way. JOTOBOTO is all about creating, curating, and offering attractive, meaningful, and appealing videos for every lesson, which provides students with the opportunity to learn their curriculum while also getting entertained.

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Learning becomes accessible and easy with just a few clicks on a device, says Jacqueline Chinai, the founder and mentor of JOTOBOTO, who has more than 35 years of rich experience teaching English and Social Science.

Speaking on JOTOBOTO, the best e-learning platform, she says, "When learning gets powered by powerful visuals, it creates a greater impact on the young minds and repeated viewing helps in higher retention of the course, ultimately turning them into more skilled individuals."

The material that JOTOBOTO offers them helps in improving their pronunciation and vocabulary, which helps in improving their English skills. Also, the e-learning platform has self-tests for helping students with self-assessment, and PDFs are also made accessible to refer to and learn their answers.

Be it the quality of the videos, the visual explanation of every chapter, the use of pictures and visuals for proper narration, and much more have only given JOTOBOTO the most positive reviews and testimonials so far, where each student has learned something new, and improved their learning skills overall.

For Social Science, the e-learning platform covers subjects of Geography, History, Economics, and Civics, while for English Grammar, they have separate videos with tests. All these videos help teachers to create a wholesome learning experience, reinforcing what is taught in class through the power of visuals.

JOTOBOTO is determined to excel students in English and Social Science through its one-of-a-kind online visual courses and videos.

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