New Delhi [India], July 10 (ANI): Tourists Travellers from India have taken to international travel with newfound enthusiasm over the past two years, a new report by ride-hailing platform Uber revealed on Wednesday.

Indians travelled close to 1,000 cities across 68 countries significantly broadening their horizons, the report revealed. Their top destinations, however, remained consistent in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

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As per the report the summer holiday period when schools and colleges break, emerged as the prime time for these adventures for Indians. Interestingly, it said May 2023 outpaced June 2022 as the most popular month for overseas travel, indicating a shift in vacation timing.

While abroad, Indians traveled longer distances, averaging 25 per cent more distance than their trips back home. Their Uber journeys spanned 21 different products, from premium electric vehicles like Comfort Electric to multimodal transit options that integrate trains and other mass transit modes, along with the ubiquitous UberX.

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The report underscores a significant uptick in the number of Indians using Uber internationally, with 2023 seeing Indian travellers ranking second only to Americans in terms of app usage abroad.

During the ongoing summer travel season, Indians are expected to cross records set in the previous years, the report predicted.

Moreover, many countries frequented by Indians support peer-to-peer ridesharing, allowing individuals to use their personal vehicles for Uber rides. This not only highlights the global appeal of the gig economy but also showcases the country's adaptability and enthusiasm for diverse transportation options, the report noted.

Commenting on the trend, Prabhjeet Singh, President, Uber India and South Asia, said, "Indians have been breaking all travel records over the past couple of years, and it's heartwarming to see how Uber continues to be their trusted last-mile partner in these travels. Be it the familiarity when landing at an airport in a new city or the safety when riding late at night, it's a huge mark of trust for us to see Indians book an Uber for their overseas travels." (ANI)

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