New Delhi [India], September 14 (ANI/GPRC): Undefining the norms of beauty and creating a safe haven for each teenager to find their 'makeup-unmade up' space. Elitty - India's First Teen Beauty Brand makes an unapologetic place for itself in every teenagers' closet. Lining up the teen-oriented makeup stash since 2021, their one-of-a-kind personality based Makeup Kits have already gained popularity among teens. The brand has 5 kits based on teen personalities - for instance, 'Born To Be Bold' Teen Beauty Kit for the bold, badass teenager and a 'Low Key & Love It' Teen Beauty Kit for the easy going, low effort chicas.

Moreover, all their makeup products are specially formulated with rare teen-skin-friendly ingredients like Witch Hazel, which has numerous functional benefits for teen skin. Elitty Beauty's makeup stash has been unveiled across major lifestyle and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Purplle, Myntra and Smytten along with their official quirky website. The makeup collection features a variety of teen products across 4 categories - from trendy nail coats, sheer lip glosses and coloured pop eyeliner to SPF infused Tinted BB Creams, they've covered it all.

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Being the first movers to serve a plethora of teenage makeup products on the national scale, Elitty aims to become every teenagers' confidante that understands their beauty choices and their life as a whole. The brand's exclusive makeup line gives teenagers a multitude of choices, a sense of ownership and a means to be experimentative with their looks in their teen years.

"The brand empowers our next gen i.e GenZs by giving them relevant choices and a sense of ownership to choose their own makeup, in the most non-adulterated way possible. We want Elitty to be every teen's comfort zone and safe space. Teens today are more curious about everything including makeup and Elitty is a brand that answers their curiosity and gives them a chance to define their own norms of beauty instead of following prescribed adult beauty definitions", said Pranali Janbhandu, Co-Founder, Elitty on the brand's market launch.

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Elitty's range will feature playful pop colours and textures specially curated keeping the teen skin and preferences in mind.

"Together we realised a gap in teen grooming space, where there was no dedicated makeup and beauty brand for 13-19-year-olds. Today's teenagers are more experimentative with their looks and appearances. Therefore, this is an excellent time and opportunity to cater to the beauty industry for this segment. Elitty Beauty is the First Makeup Brand in India for the Teenagers, and aspires to be the most relevant and loved TEENAGE BEAUTY BRAND," said Vailina Tulsani, Co-Founder, Elitty.

Elitty's products are all derma-tested, cruelty free, vegan, free from harmful chemicals like paraben and sulphate and most importantly - they are all #MamaApproved.

"My 13 year old daughter loves experimenting with makeup (mostly my makeup) and I always had to say no to her. But with Elitty, she now has her own products and I don't have to worry about the makeup damaging her skin'' said Rekha Guleria, mom of a teenager.

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India's First Teen Beauty Brand, Elitty, enables teenagers to express themselves freely through makeup by giving them relevant choices and a sense of ownership to pick their own makeup products. Elitty India's First Teen Beauty Brand. Launched in 2021. Available on all ecomm channels.

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