Kolkata, May 25: Kolkata Airport Authority of India on Saturday announced to suspension of flight operations for 21 hours starting from 1200 IST on May 26 to 0900 IST on May 27 due to Cyclone Remal's landfall.

"In view of Cyclone Remal's impact on the coastal region of West Bengal, including Kolkata, a meeting was held with the stakeholders and it has been decided to suspend the flight operations from 1200 IST on May 26 to 0900 IST on May 27, due to predicted heavy winds and heavy to very heavy rainfall at Kolkata," Kolkata Airport Authority of India said in a statement. Cyclone 'Remal' Update: Cyclonic Storm To Make Landfall in West Bengal on May 26, Warning Issued in Northeast Region.

Cyclone Remal is forecasted to significantly impact the coastal region of West Bengal, including the city of Kolkata. Meanwhile, NDRF Inspector Zaheer Abbas told ANI that they were fully prepared for the cyclone. "We are fully prepared for the cyclone. If the cyclone hits here, our soldiers are ready to deal with every kind of disaster... Our team is well-equipped. Our team is ready for tree falling or flood rescue etc... We are ready to deal with every situation," Abbas told ANI. Cyclone Remal Live Tracker Map on Windy: Severe Cyclonic Storm Likely to Hit West Bengal Coast by May 26, Check Real-Time Status.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a severe cyclone warning for the northeastern region of India and coastal areas of Bangladesh. Cyclone Remal is expected to make landfall in Bengal on Sunday. The anticipated landfall of the cyclone is projected to occur in West Bengal and the coastal regions of Bangladesh around midnight on May 26. The cyclone will bring with it extremely heavy rainfall and strong winds.

"The low-pressure area that was observed on 22 May in the Bay of Bengal has now intensified and is more depressive. It will further intensify which we have predicted and will turn into a cyclone and will move towards northeastern India on the 25th Morning. The landfall area of the cyclone is the West Bengal and coastal region of Bangladesh and the landfall time is on 26th Midnight," IMD Agartala Director Partha Roy told ANI.

Cyclone Remal Live Tracker

The primary regions affected are West Bengal, Coastal Bangladesh, Tripura, and some other parts of northeastern states. Authorities have urged residents in these areas, to brace for adverse weather conditions starting from May 26. IMD said that the current warning for Cyclone Remal is in effect until May 28, but it may be extended if the situation requires.

"As of now, the warning is till the 28th it may increase. The impact of these worse conditions will severely impact the low land areas including the crops and people are advised to remain at home and avoid going outside during these warning hours," IMD Agartala Director added.