Mumbai, Feb 16 (PTI) A three-day international festival on the art of storytelling showcasing its various forms will be held in Mumbai from Friday, the organisers said.

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The festival, titled 'Gaatha', is a collaboration between the Mumbai Storytellers Society and Somaiya Vidyavihar University (SVU).

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Workshops, talks and panel discussions will explore nuances of the art of storytelling during the festival to be held on the SVU campus.

The festival's director, Usha Venkatraman, said Gaatha will be a complete “sensorial experience”, as their team attempts at reviving the tradition of storytelling and its different styles.

“From folklore to contemporary and from fabric to art, along with unconventional ways of storytelling, showcasing the colourful paths of culture and tradition, Gaatha is not just about stories read in words, but about stories behind saris, structures, musical ragas and nature among all,” she said.

Mumbai Storytellers Society co-founder Hema Subramanian said the indigenous storytelling traditions such as Gujarati Dayro, known for musical traditions of both folk and classical music, and Powada, a popular vocal form of storytelling and a folk music tradition of Maharashtra, will be a part of the festival.

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