When it comes to luxury boutiques you often think of major retailers. But, investor and entrepreneur, Michael Portone is making an influence in the world of luxury reselling. Portone founded Endless Supply LLC in 2016 and just recently launched the company’s website last month. Since the brand has provided customers globally with some of fashion's finest luxury items ranging from Rolex’s to limited sneakers. His major collection has gained him a notable presence in the online reselling market.

Growing up, Portone was determined to become successful. At a young age he developed a risk-taking mentality that he could afford. Knowingly, Portone capitalize on his mistakes and has built on his early childhood mentality.

Currently, Portone owns Endless Supply LLC and has a few other companies. Although, Endless Supply LLC is his main endeavor and the most promising project for the future.

With the success Portone has already gained, he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. He states, “one thing I say is to set your goals unattainably high. Impossible to reach.” Giving way to his extremely driven mentality that has produced a self-made, luxury boutique owner, and investor by the age of 23.

Portone has already established his luxury online boutique and will continue to work hard because that is all he knows. He is a driven and talented individual you’ll want to be on the lookout for in the future. Follow Portone and Endless Supply LLC to keep up to date and watch his business evolve into an empire.

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