Mutton Rates in Mumbai And Delhi Rise As Slaughterhouses Stay Shut Amid COVID-19 Lockdown; Price of Chicken Increases With Supplies Hit
Mutton Shop (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Mumbai, April 8: The price of mutton has increased in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) region due to the coronavirus lockdown. According to a Mumbai Mirror report, muttons are being sold at Rs 800 per kg as animals are in short supply. The earlier price in the city before the lockdown was Rs 560 per kg. Consumers are now left with no options as buffalo meat is no longer available and due to the complete shutdown of the Deonar abattoir, which is the country's biggest slaughterhouse.

The report mentions that before the lockdown, almost 30,000 sheep and goats would be brought to the city, out of which, 10,000 would be slaughtered. Now due to the lockdown, barely 1,000 are slaughtered. Haryana Poultry Farmers Suffer Severe Losses Amid Coronavirus Outbreak and Lockdown, Forced to Bury Thousands of Starving Chicken Alive.

Price of Mutton in Delhi

The situation is similar in Delhi as well, where the supply of meat, has been affected due to the closure of the city’s only slaughterhouse at Ghazipur and restrictions imposed on vehicular movement due to the coronavirus outbreak. The average price of mutton was Rs 580 per kg before the lockdown which has now increased to Rs 750 per kg.

Majority of the mutton shops in Kolkata are not opening as a result of which, there is an acute shortage in the supply of the red meat.

Chicken Rates Improve After Crashing

Earlier as people completely stopped eating chicken due to the coronavirus scare, the rates had dropped to Rs 50 to Rs 80 per kg. But, now due to the lockdown, the old rates of Rs 160 per kg has returned in Mumbai. In Tamil Nadu, due to the shortage in supply, the chicken rates have increased to Rs 200 a kg. The prices had dropped to Rs 100 a kg last month amid increasing fear around coronavirus and consumption of meat.