PM Narendra Modi Strikes Emotional Cord With Crowd in West Bengal's Jalpaiguri, Says 'You People Grow Tea, And I Make it'
(Photo Credits: ANI)

Jalpaiguri, February 8: Striking an emotional chord with the locals at his hugely attended public meeting here at Mainaguri on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said: “You people grow tea...I make tea. And I wonder why Didi (Mamata Banerjee) is not fond of chaiwallahs.”In an apparent reference to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, an upbeat Prime Minister Modi also said: “Come to Jalpaiguri and see the support for BJP.” "TMC is the Communist part two,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi, who was speaking after inaugurating the new High Court circuit bench in Jalpaiguri, said: “Congress, Trinamool Congress or Left is not concerned about the people’s welfare. All the facilities provided to the people of Bengal are being facilitated by the Central government.”Stating that Jalpaiguri circuit bench of Calcutta High Court would benefit the local population, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said: “Brothers and sisters, 20 years ago this project was initiated but your demand for ages has finally been fulfilled today.” Mamata Banerjee Vs CBI: West Bengal CM Calls Off Dharna After Supreme Court Judgment, Hits Out at PM Narendra Modi.

“Now the people of Jalpaiguri will get justice in Jalpaiguri itself. They won’t have to go to Calcutta High Court for legal help. You will now get those facilities right here only,” he said. Prime Minister Narendra on Friday also laid the foundation stone for the four-laning of the Falakata–Salsalabari section of NH-31 D. This 41.7-km long section of the national highway will be constructed at a cost of about Rs 1,938 crore within 2.5 years.

Prime Minister Modi also paid homage to Rajbanshi reformer Panchanan Verma and Nepali poet Bhanu Bhakt and then mentioned how this NH upgradation project will make travel easier. Talking about law and order situation in north Bengal, Prime Minister Modi said: “The law and order situation here has worsened over the years. Youths are migrating due to rising unemployment. Industries were not developed, and projects are stalled. All this doesn’t bother the government of West Bengal,” he said.