Instead of losing hope amidst tough times, this German entrepreneur decided to act stronger and kept moving on his path.
A lot has been spoken about a lot of professionals and entrepreneurs, especially the younger brigade, who exude a different level of madness and want when it comes to achieving their desired goals in business. This very want and hunger is what helps them set up their own path, on which they keep moving to get nearer their destination called success. Aleksandar Novakovic did the same, and today, with his online businesses has attained paramount success, something youngsters of his age are still working towards.
Aleksandar Novakovic, aka Aleks Novakovic, attained prominence from the documentary "This is Paris" as being the ex of well-known hotel heiress and actress Paris Hilton. Publications and media kept covering them while they were together, and still, the youngster does not fail to make headlines or two, but this time with his business ventures. He became a self-employed person right after graduating from the university, where he attained his Bachelor's in Business Informatics.
Hailing from Villingen-Schwenningen, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany, young Aleks Novakovic never knew that life would be so great after he would step foot into the world of business, all on his own. Today, when people recognize him as an influential personality on his social media platforms, where he keeps engaging them with his consistent posts, or as a business personality with his successful ventures, the youngster feels proud of the tireless efforts and hard work he put in day and night to achieve this presence.
His fashion brand 'What's The Minimum' ( stands apart from other clothing brands in the online space for its promise of comfort at affordable prices. Another brand of his, a premium sparkling wine named 'WTM', was in the news all over when it was announced it would make its presence in an international movie.
If this wasn't enough, Aleks Novakovic became part of the first crypto casino in the world and earned more recognition as Mr Crypto in the internet sales space. He also owns a software as well as online marketing and sales company and is driven by his goal to keep moving forward each day in the entrepreneurial world.