For safe motherhood, postnatal care is of utmost importance. Caring for the breasts is also a crucial aspect of every lactating mom after delivery. It would help if you cared for your breasts to ensure sufficient milk supply and prevent infections. Poor breast hygiene can lead to infections and make breastfeeding a challenge where there is always a risk of passing on the germs to the newborn. Here are some hygiene practices you should follow while breastfeeding. Read on!

Keep Your Breasts Clean

Rinse your breasts with a mild soap water a few throughout the day to clean the excess milk and sweat. Not doing so can lead to a foul odour, fungal infection and even thrush. Never use harsh soaps to clean your breasts and always apply a gentle moisturiser. You can also use a nursing wipe to get rid of the stickiness after breastfeeding. How Breastfeeding Changes Your Breasts? From Sore Nipples to Dark Areolae, Here's How Feeding Your Child Can Affect Your Bosoms.

Avoid Using Scented Products

While washing your breasts never use scented products to clean as it may backfire, these products can make your breasts dry and cracked, making it difficult for you to breastfeed your baby. Organic or herbal soaps can be good options. Also, be sure never to use wet wipes could as they can be harmful to your breasts. Benefits of Breast Milk: Breastfeeding Can Reduce High Blood Pressure in Nursing Mothers, Says Study.

Clean Your Breast Pump After Every Use

A breast pump can be a good alternative for the times when you cann0t breastfeed your baby. However, please wash your hands properly before using it. Also, clean your breast pump as well as your breasts to maintain a clean feeding environment. Also, do not use the same sponges you use to wash dishes to wash your pump. Have a separate set of cleaning equipment for this purpose. Also, be sure to thoroughly sterilise the bottle, and tube at least once a day. Please put them in the refrigerator and bring them out only at the time of feeding. Breastfeeding Benefits: Why Breast Milk Is The Best Food Mothers Can Give Their Babies

Also, be sure to change your nursing pads often. Always replace them when they are wet. Never use pads with plastic on the back, or the warm, and sugar-filled environment can become a breeding ground for bacteria causing irritation and infection. You can either choose disposable and reusable pads available in the market.

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