Marta Sej (@marta_sej) is a Performance Coach based in Sydney, Australia. Underpinned by her 15-year experience and passion for navigating changes, Marta Sej brings a fresh new approach to Change Management. Collaborating with organizations in 7 different countries, Marta Sej is now recognized in Australia’s Top 1% performance coaches. 

When companies face significant changes, such as re-structure, acquiring new companies, implementing new systems, etc., they often encounter a futile period. Regardless of their circumstances or their position in the business, navigating through changes is one significant hurdle. Navigating change with a mindset of fear, resistance, and frustration is on a whole new level.

Then they have many experts, advisers, and gurus, with the best intentions, just often preaching their latest to-do lists and processes. It's very instructional, and there’s no follow-up, which leaves people disengaged or overwhelmed.

That’s where Marta Sej’s Coaching stands out. Marta facilitates self-development workshops, followed by 1:1 coaching sessions with every single attendee. It’s the only program of its kind in Australia. 

Each workshop is based on the latest evidence-based research in self-development, developing the right mindset, gaining confidence, and maximizing potential. The calls are designed to personalize the content and implement unique solutions for each client. Once the fear, resistance, and frustration are removed, the result is remarkable proficiency at dealing with life and adapting to changes. Organizations gain the necessary balance and clarity to boost human performance and wellbeing in high-pressure environments.

Marta also helps companies incorporate coaching into their training programs. Alternatively, they can simply sign up for her existing workshops that have already shown excellent results.

She believes that “Greatness is in all of us. Coaching can help you grow and achieve beyond what you initially thought possible.”