He founded Cx Trading Global, a professional firm for gold and diamond trading.

The closer we look around us, the more we notice how different business industries and sectors have been on a constant rise. Ever wondered what could be the reasons behind their exponential success and growth? Well, there are multiple factors, but the combination of technological advances and the emergence of young and astute entrepreneurs, who put in every possible effort and work passionately towards their goals, lead businesses and brands to massive success and development. We came across one such high-performing and passionate entrepreneur in the world of gold and diamond trading named Charles Verville, who has radiated brilliance through his expertise and knowledge as a gemologist and as the founder of Cx Trading Global, a one of a kind company dealing in the trading of gold and diamond.

Deciding to be a part of an unconventional but consistently growing industry in itself stands as proof of Charles Verville's strong visions and his purpose to take the gold and diamond industry to humongous levels of success. From the very beginning, if Charles Verville found a close inclination towards something, it was all things that sparkled. He decided to be a part of the diamond and gold trading world and thus went ahead in studying at the Montreal School of Gemmology in 2010, becoming the youngest certified gemologist in the year, with also holding a diploma in International Commerce.

If it is about diamond and gold importation/exportation, Charles Verville excels beyond boundaries and shows others how it is to be done with the success story he has created for himself. He specialized in the gemstone business across the US and Europe and then founded Cx Trading Global in Dubai for his love for the diamond and gold industry. His company today steadily exports thousands of carats of cut and polished diamonds a month since its inception in 2016 and over the years, they have grown as a team that consists of driven and passionate professional like traders, business advisors, gemologists and a wide security network.

Charles Verville travelled around the globe and gained great experiences in the diamond and gold importation/exportation business in over 15 countries. His passion for his business helped him earn massive recognition and success within the diamond industry in the UAE. With choosing to focus on the diamond and gold market, Charles Verville opened the first location in Accra, Ghana and since then has expanded his business by opening four additional offices based in Ghana, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Centrafica.

Charles Verville can't wait to launch his new website, cxjewellers.com and aspires to open offices all over the globe. He is currently working on a new cryptocurrency for commodities trading around the globe. Charles Verville is gradually becoming a star in the gemstone business and has earned an international presence as well.