Most Scenic Flight Routes in the World: As Air India Prepares to Fly Over North Pole, These Are Other Beautiful Aerial Flight Views in the World
Maldives aerial view (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

The world is home to such beautiful scenery and one of the best ways to witness it without really touching upon is through an aerial view. While long-duration flights can get uncomfortable and tiring, a window seat is one way of enjoying the journey. Looking out the plane window is a beautiful experience, especially if you are flying over the most scenic air routes. Recently, Indian Airlines, an aviation firm from India announced they will connect capital city Delhi to North America by flying over the North Pole. The flight from Delhi to San Franciso will fly over the beautiful Polar region. This route is expected to save fuels along with a time of about 90 minutes. The first inaugural flight will fly on August 15. The announcement by Indian Airlines is notable because it is the first Indian airline to fly over the North Pole. The views from this flight would be breathtaking as it crosses the Polar region. We look at other five most scenic air routes to fly in the world.

5 Most Scenic Airplane Views in The World

Hong Kong to Male, Maldives: 

Any flight that will make a landing into the Maldives will be spectacular, for the sheer blue sea that awaits all visitors. All your travelling blues will definitely be taken away as you look out the window into the Archipelago. As you take off from Hong Kong too, the city views are stunning before you encounter a vast blue ocean awaiting your beach vibes.

Auckland to Queenstown: 

A two-hour journey from New Zealand's Auckland to Queenstown gives the best view of this island country. A little bit of everything from greenery covered hills of the North to the snow-capped peaks and glaciers as you move ahead. And once you approach towards south to Queenstown, you get a view of the lakes and rivers. So one can experience a lovely change in topography in this short journey.

New Mexico to Las Vegas:

One of the best scenic creations in the world is the Grand Canyon. A flight from New Mexico heading to LA will give you an aerial view of this mighty spectacle. The vastness of the canyon and horseshoe bends are enthralling. As you land in LA, the sparkling city lights are welcoming. Most flights make an announcement when they are passing over the Grand Canyon so you aren't completely missing out as you flyby.

Beijing to Katmandu:

Mt. Everest looks so magnificent even in its pictures or videos, so imagine getting a glimpse of the highest mountain ranges from your flight window. If you fly from Beijing or Bangkok into Kathmandu, one can see the mountain ranges if the visibility is clear. No commercial flights fly over and near the Mt Everest because of the weather conditions but even looking at this mountain range is a beautiful spectacle. It is advised to book an early morning flight landing in Kathmandu, so you can see the beautiful sunrise.

Hong Kong to London:

As you take off and land from these busiest cities, you can see a lot of urbanscapes around. This is almost a 13-hour flight but while you may sleep off in the middle, the view is welcoming as you land. You can get to see the London Eye, Tower Bridge and Big Ben, the top tourist spots as you prepare to land itself.

These are some of the most scenic flights which will give a beautiful aerial view of the landscapes below. If you, in general, love the window seats then you can see the change in topographies even on the shorter journeys. But these are some of the routes, which will show you diverse landscapes, merging into a beautiful experience altogether.