Ethiopian Woman Appears For Exam 30 Minutes After Delivering a Baby, Photo of 'Wonder Woman' Goes Viral
Ethiopian woman (Photo Credits: Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation Facebook)

An Ethiopian woman is reaping praises on social media for appearing for an examination thirty minutes after delivering her baby. Photo of 21-year-old Almaz Derese from Metu in western Ethiopia writing her exam sitting on a hospital bed is going viral on social media. The newly-turned mother couldn't appear for the exam before going into labour as it was rescheduled due to Ramzan. And now she has been dubbed as 'Wonder Woman' by social media users.

Almaz wrote her English, Amharic and Maths papers at the hospital. She will be discharged soon from the hospital and attend the rest of her exams at the scheduled centre. According to BBC Africa, Almaz said she did not face any issues studying during pregnancy. She decided to write the exams while in the hospital and  "she did not want to wait until next year to graduate". Almaz had the support of her husband, Tadese Tulu to write the exams at the hospital. She got married at the age of 17 and says that her husband was always in support of her completing the education. People took to Instagram lauding her "grit and determination" and termed her as "inspiring" and "motivating".

Here is the photo of Ethiopian woman Almaz Derese whose photo is going:

Almaz gave birth to a healthy baby boy and both of them are doing fine. Last year, a photo of a woman from Afghanistan writing her university entrance exam sitting on the ground while nursing her baby had gone viral. 25-year-old Jahan Taab had reaped praises on social media for her progressive move.