Friday, The 13th: Last Inauspicious Day of the Decade is Here And Twitterati Can't Stop Sharing Scaring Everyone!
Friday the 13th (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

It's Friday and 13, the last inauspicious day of the decade, together today and people can't stop telling their spooky stories on the internet. The day is considered inauspicious and is said to bring bad luck. Every time Friday and the date 13 comes along, people take to social media platforms about the terrible events the combination has brought along in the past. Friday the 13th is associated with tonnes of superstitions, especially in Western beliefs. Also known as Black Friday, it occurs upto three times in the same year at times and it is the last such occurrence this year. The fear of the day is so widely known that there is a term for it. The phobia of Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia. Friday the 13th History: Spooky Stories, Urban Legends and Unlucky Events That Surround the Origin of Black Friday.

There are many urban legends and ghost stories related to it and people have taken to social media platforms sharing their version of it. Popular culture has played a big role in popularising the fear associated with this day. People coming from various ethnicities, communities and followers of different cultures and traditions believe in the fear associated with the day. Meanwhile, people have taken to Twitter sharing their stories associated with Friday, the 13th on the internet.

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Friday The 13th With Coffee? Terrible!

When You Realise It's Friday the 13th:

Oh Already?

Costumes Are Ready!

Just Before Christmas!

What if Your Nightmares Come True?

Yes, Please!

The fear of the day gained more prominence as it coincided with the last full moon of the year on Thursday. Called the Long Night's Moon, the full moon was at its peak on 12/12 at 12.12 am. Those who believe in the power of numerology, they think it is a great coincidence. It is also known as  Cold Moon, Long Night Moon and December Moon