Squirrel With Big Boobs Goes Viral, View Pic of Voluptuous Squirrel From a Zoo in Japan
Squirrel with big boobs in Japan (Photo credits: Twitter)

We have seen sexy squirrels or Chipettes in movies but spotting an actual real one in the park has caused a tizzy. When someone says squirrels we imagine the tiny creatures from rodent family with a bushy tail. A park in Japan had a sexy specimen of a squirrel with all the potential to become viral on the internet, and it did. A picture of a squirrel with big boobs was shared online a few days ago and everyone was amused. In the photograph, it also looked like the squirrel is squeezing around her bosom. The sexy and voluptuous squirrel was found at the squirrel garden at Inokashira Park Zoo in Tokyo. Soon after the picture was shared, people were amused. Cow Wearing a Bra, What Did We Just See in This Pic? British Farmer's Invention is Too Crazy! 

This squirrel had comparatively large breasts and that became an attraction to the online community. They even had a name for it, Clarice- the love interest in the Disney cartoon chipmunks Chip 'n' Dale. This particular squirrel is a mascot of the Inokashira Park in Japan. Photographer Captures Squirrels for 6 Years and Gets The Cutest Photos of These Little Chipmunks.

View Picture of the Sexy Squirrel With Big Boobs in Japan

The picture was retweeted close to 50,000 times and liked more than a lakh times. Among the comments, people said they thought it was photoshopped. While someone had a theory of why this squirrel had evolved these breasts. A user commented, "Squirrels seem to be hibernating since mid-October" which is the reason "they are fat." Well, whatever the reason may be, it was sure an entertaining picture on the social media for a while.