Cow Wearing a Bra, What Did We Just See in This Pic? British Farmer's Invention is Too Crazy!
Cow made to wear a bra (Photo credits: Twitter/vaderbogger)

The internet is a funny place and you can never predict what you will stumble upon here. And in a case of a practical implication of the phrase, 'Necessity is the mother of all invention,' a farmer from Britain made his cow wear a bra! The reason is the calf could not reach his mother's breasts for having milk. The farmer thus came up with an ingenious solution which no one could have ever thought of. And guess what it worked successfully!

The farmer used his wife's bra and adapted it with the help of a rope and a bungy cord. He put it around his cow's breasts in a way that the calf could suckle well. And well, it did work as the calf could reach and have his mother's milk. The farmer's neighbour put the pictures on the Twitter and well, needless to say, the social media users had all sorts of reactions, some funny and some just appreciating his idea.

Take a look at the picture of a cow wearing bra! 

And it has worked brilliantly! 

Here is how people on Twitter reacted 

Oh, Genius! 

A bigger cup size maybe?

Well, we too could not help but laugh at the creativity of this farmer. Although the calf may have found it easier but we are not sure if the cow could tolerate it for long. Is it not the weird yet funny thing you have seen today?