Video of a Little Girl Dancing on 'O Saki Saki' Song Goes Viral, and The Internet is Divided
Video of a Little Girl Dancing on 'O Saki Saki' Song Goes Viral (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Watching kids dance gives immense pleasure and a sense of pride to most parents. We've all appreciated kids dancing on reality shows, but some people get offended by watching kids dance on screen. While some may have a point, some just get annoyed for no reason. One such viral video of a little girl dancing on Nora Fatehi's Saki Saki Re song is spurring debates all over the internet. This child has shown some crazy dance moves on the peppy Bollywood song, but while some say that she deserves a stage, some began to bash her parents for no reason. The viral video shows a girl clad in chequered frock dancing like no one's watching her. However, ever since the video has gone viral, the internet is completely divided. You'll have to watch the video and check out the reactions to understand what we are saying.

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She's Like Two Or Something?


Can Somebody Explain This Elaborately?


Really Don't Know What To Say

Putting makeup on children, sending them to reality shows, letting them watch serials and dramas, taking them along to theaters for Bollywood films- too many examples. Very bad parenting.

That's Harsh

So Many People Rooting For Classical?

That Went Too Far

Do you see? The reactions are mixed! While we really can't say anything, it is strange to see such a huge reaction to a little girl dancing. Well, it's really hard to say what her dance reflects about her parents, but the little one surely got some smooth moves!