Bee Menace Stops India A Game Against English Lions for 15 Minutes in Kerala (Watch Video)
Bee Menace Stops India A game against English Lions (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The venue for the fourth one day game between India A has expected visitors which brought the game to a standstill for about 15 minutes against the English Lions.  The spectators who had come to watch the match proceedings at the Green Field International Stadium, Thiruvananthapuram, were attacked by a swarm of bees and the game had to be halted to 15 minutes. The people were seen shooing away the bees with clothes and running off the vacant areas, which obviously was of no help. Pant, Thakur Star in India A's 4th Straight Win over England Lions.

The incident happened when the match was in the 28th over. As per a few reports, India A coach Rahul Dravid was seen running helter-skelter to avoid getting attacked by the bees. A few spectators were rushed to the hospital as they were stung by the bees, the reports further stated. None of the players were affected because the bees did not enter the field. The cameras in the stadium captures the video of the incident. Check it out below: KL Rahul Scores 13 on Return but India A Clinch Series with 60-run Win.

The crowd was then shifted to the other stand. The Chief Operating Officer of Sports Faculties Ltd told a daily, "It was an unfortunate incident. We had ensured that the gallery where the spectators who sit for watching the match was cleaned ahead of the match. But it was some spectators who went upstairs where they were not supposed to go in the normal circumstances and stirred the hive unknowingly or mischievously."