Bigg Boss 14 Episode 38 Sneak Peek 01 | Nov 24 2020: Kavita Kaushik, Aly Goni's Ugly Fight


Bigg Boss 14 Episode 38 Sneak Peek 01  |  Nov 24 2020: This week's captain Kavita Kaushik didn't get along with Aly Goni since the day she re-entered the Bigg Boss 14 house as a wild card contestant. Now, when Bigg Boss announces punishment for housemates, Kavita was given the power to chose personal stuff of any contestant and put it in the bin. Kavita took Aly's belongings and kept it in the bin while he denied it and took back his thing. Things didn't go well and the fight between the two turned tense. Kavita called Aly as 'gully ka gunda', the actor called her 'neech, ghatiya aurat.'

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